The heritage of the Jaidah family business is traced back to the 19th century, while many of our fully owned and professionally run subsidiaries were established during the 60’s and 70’s of the 20th century.

Throughout the decades, we have maintained a growth strategy based on: investing in the Qatari economy, developing our internal know-how,  combining our resources with multi-nationals and expanding into other markets.

With the advent of the 21st century, J&A Jaidah Holdings (Jaidah Holdings) was incorporated in order to streamline the diversity of activities according to specific sectors. This strategy has optimised synergies, enhanced efficiencies and allowed the management to focus on growth and value creation.

Jaidah Holdings ensures corporate governance, extends financial commitments, promotes growth opportunities and provides strategic guidance to all of its operating  companies.


Excellence: We are committed to setting high targets for achievement, being dedicated to quality in our businesses and paying close attention to the fine details in our services.

Credibility: We continuously strive to develop expertise in our business and maintain the trust of our stakeholders. Credibility is not only a core value for us, it is also one of our most important assets

Long-Term Vision: We place great emphasis on long-term value creation, and are firmly committed to systematically allocating recourses and re-investing profits in our business.

Community Care: Attention to environmental issues and community needs are constantly encouraged at Jaidah Holdings, and social responsibility is at the forefront of our activities. It is our duty and privilege to protect and foster the well-being of our society.


The core principle of governance at Jaidah Holdings is based on creating a framework in which accountability is maintained in all of its subsidiaries, while management facilitates improved efficiency and promotes innovation.

This company’s vision is carried out through the Board of Directors by defining strategies and adopting rules and responsibilities accordingly. Implementation of set objectives is overseen and managed by the Executive Board (as selected from the BOD).

With professional managers running day-to-day operations and external auditors measuring overall performance, policy compliance is assured across all levels of business activity.




Mr. Jassim Mohammed Jaidah


Mr. Ali Mohammed Jaidah



Dr. Mazen Jassim Jaidah

Executive Chairman


Mr. Nawaf Jassim Jaidah

Executive Vice-Chairman


Mr. Mohammed Jassim Jaidah